Good taste. Polite and fast service.
Well, first of all, I have used this restaurant over several years. I have never had a bad experience with their food. However, they obviously do not have too much experience using soy chicken (Fry Chic). It is an already cooked product that is sold in cans, my family has used for years. It may have been deep fried before adding the sauce and was a bit overcooked. It still tasted good when I was able to bite and chew it. I would order this dish again but only with real chicken. I did not receive brown rice, as requested. The sauce was a little spicy in places. I did very much enjoy the chicken noodle soup, which contained real chicken breast and hand made noodles!
This wasn't as good as it used to be... and way more expensive than when I previously had it, for the same food! Not satisfied and most likely will not return.
Any questions please call us.